Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm trying to go to sleep with the window open, just as I do every night. There is always activity down in the neighborhood below, the neighborhood which I affectionately refer to as "A Favela da Cris" because that's what it is, but tonight I hear a sound that I've never heard before, and, quite frankly, am unsure that I will be able to fall asleep if it doesn't stop soon.

I think there's a Gremlin down there.

The sound is not human. It is not feline. It is not canine. It is not the garbage truck that is collecting trash at 12:30 in the AM. It seriously sounds like a Gremlin. What does a Gremlin even sound like? THAT.

I just spent 3 hours trying to clean and rearrange furniture (to the overwhelming joy of my downstairs neighbors, I'm sure) to prepare for the new roomie I get tomorrow. Lacy is arriving tomorrow afternoon to work as an LST intern for the next year. She is lucky enough to get to live here above the favela with me. I should also mention that although I worked for, yes, a full three hours, I still am not done. As often happened in college as I attempted to stay up late studying or working on papers...I just throw in the towel and say yeah, right. It'll get done eventually. The most important part is that her bedroom and bathroom are clean and that my door can be shut. :) Please be praying for Lacy as she begins her new life here in Natal and settles into the work and lifestyle. Also pray for me that I will be sensitive to her adjustment...sometimes I forget to do that and just assume that everyone is trekking along at the same pace as me.

Tonight I leave you with a picture of my family, American and Brazilian in the same shot. (We'll get you photoshopped in there after November, K & M!)

FYI, the Gremlin has not stopped yet. Goodnight!

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McKenzie said...

well I guess i do run the risk of being completely disowned by my family... HA! well i got it last weekend, so I guess its time for a pic ;)

ps: i miss you!