Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hi, my name is Cris, and this is my second time to BBA (Bad Bloggers Anonymous). Like most newbies to a 12 step program, I am having difficulty in accepting the responsibility in delinquency of blogging and therefore choose to put the blame 100% on my parents. Thankfully, in this case, I am not just deferring guilt but rather doing it rightfully so, as my parents' LST project here in Natal takes up 120% of my time. And I am loving every second of it!

I didn't come back and post all the pictures I wanted last time (a typical characteristic of BBA members) but I am ready and willing now. The last few weeks have been a blast. We've had very fun and successful parties with great turnouts. We continue to sign up new readers, and although this project will end after next week, I am PUMPED about continuing the studies with the current readers. And I have never worked so hard as I have these last few weeks. So...because I have nothing more to say (my brain is shot) I will leave you with some pretty pictures to look at that will tell the story of the last few weeks. I hope to be back soon, rehabilitated from my lack of responsibility in the blogging world. Goodnight!

Mom and I sitting at the nametag table at the beginning of the Baseball party. Clearly I got the memo about the Baseball theme...Mom wore a skirt. :)

Dad explaining to Brazilians how to play baseball. After the explanation, 90% of them still didn't get it. However, that did NOT keep them from having an absolute BLAST playing Homerun Derby!

Teaching the fans the wave as we watched the baseball game

Emanoel, one of my dearest readers, finally came to his first LST party!

On one of their free days, Sergio hooked us up with free tickets for a boat ride. The boat stopped at a natural pool and Dad and Jacob got out and snorkeled for over an hour. Where's Waldo? You'll laugh when you find them...

Dad and I above the world's largest cashew tree right after the boat ride

Lunch at the Braga's house last weekend (L-R Mom, me, Dad, Catherine, Jacob, Marisa, Roberto, Osmildo, Marta)

On their first weekend here we went to check out one of Natal's most famous landmarks: the star-shaped fort built like 500 years ago by the Dutch. So...here we are, and there the fort is...

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