Monday, March 30, 2009


I've been feeling pretty homesick for Natal lately. I know I'll be back soon, but until then I can't help but keep looking at this picture and missing my family. :(

This is the church picture from Impacto Jovem, the event the church held last weekend that I mentioned in my previous post. Recently, each church member was given a t-shirt with the church logo monogrammed on it and they all wore them during the event. Aren't they a good lookin' bunch? I have my shirt and I'm all ready to take a complete family photo as soon as I return.

(Thanks for the pic, Lancy.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad Blogger's Anonymous round 5

I'm having blogger's block. I have so many great things to say but don't have the creativity to express them in an interesting way, so for now I'll cop-out and give you a link to someone else's blog. :)

My teammates, the Jewells, just had their third baby boy a couple weeks ago, but they were still able to attend and blog about (wow...I feel so inadequate...) Impacto Jovem, the big event the church in Natal hosted last Saturday. From what I've been hearing, it went extremely well and they had over thirty visitors! Just another reason why I'm so anxious to get back to Natal. Until I do (on April 10th) please join me in reading about it on the internet.