Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I am not feeling flowery tonight, so this will be short and photo-ful. I just wanted to tell you about a session I had yesterday with a new reader. She is already a Christian and very involved with her church, so I knew that as we read the story of the baptism of Jesus she would have insights to share that are quite a bit different than those of people who are reading the story for the first time. We talked about the significance of Jesus' baptism, the significance of John the Baptist's explanation of the coming of the Christ, etc. After all was said and done, I asked my standard capstone question. "So, Lia, what does this story mean to you?"

She sat there for a minute and thought, then got a smile on her face. I'll never forget the tone of voice she used as she said it, much less what she said. With a little laugh she said "It's so humbling. It just shows me how...nothing I am! John the Baptist was JOHN THE BAPTIST. If he said he wasn't even worthy to untie Jesus' sandals for him, what does that make me?!"

I loved the way she said it, so confident that she is, in fact, nothing, but at the same time fully confident that through the gift of salvation and by the grace of God she is so much more!


Now I leave you with pictures from the Farewell Party on Saturday. My parents' team wrapped up their project last week and said goodbye. Jacob already went home and they'll be leaving next week. I'd prefer not to talk about that...

All the readers who came to the party with their certificates

Jacob with Marco and Rebecca, two of our readers

A skit making fun of Americans. (We asked them to!) Apparently we wear carry backpacks on one shoulder and wear big sunglasses on our heads? Hahahaha...


Melanie said...

well I completely understand their stereotype. When I go out of the country I totally carry a back pack and I always have on sunglasses. Though I don't wear those high waisted, pleated skirts.

Mark and Kelly said...

How about asking essay questions?

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