Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sleeping with the windows open will give you some vivid dreams

I've written three posts over the last few days, and when I go back to proofread them before publishing I can't even follow my own thought process, much less expect you to. That right there is evidence to what kind of week this has been! I have so many things to tell you, about my apartment, about my readers, about church, about my friends, about my fundraising, but any time I sit down to write, my thoughts are disjointed and jumbled, very similar to the way it has felt inside my head this week.

So, just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. To keep you entertained until my thoughts begin to organize themselves, here is a little tour of my new apartment. I spent my first night there last night, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I did wake up to sunlight flooding my room at 5:19 this morning, however, and it was so bright I was sure I had slept through the day and it was 5:19 pm. I had to double check the clock on my phone to make sure it said AM! The adventure of living in Natal definitely continues, and in many ways a new phase has just begun as I figure out how in the world to light a gas oven with a match...prayers are appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...


Now you're in your own place to use in the ministry there in Natal. Sure hope you enjoy it!



ann said...

Eu nao acredito que o Bob deixou uma nota no seu blog! Uma milagre de Deus. :) Que legal!

Carol Bailey said...

Love your apt - you really did find a jewel! What a blessing as you get started with your ministry.

I remember getting Sarah's first pictures of her apartment. You can read and feel the excitement.

Enjoying your blog although I have to go back and catch up every so often. One of my new student's want to do missions. Seems to follow me around :)