Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Much Anticipated Apartment-Finding Outline

Edit: I think my Roman numerals are wrong. IIX doesn't exist, does it? Sorry. I'll leave it in its original form for your amusement.

With keys in my hands and a smile on my face that won’t go away, I am proud to tell you that I am now a resident of the most beautiful apartment in the world. It didn’t take us long to find each other, but it took longer than I’m sure either of us would have wanted to make our relationship official. But that part is history. Tomorrow I will begin the process of moving in, and in a few short days I’ll be blogging from my 8th floor balcony overlooking the city. Not that I’m trying to brag or anything…

Without further ado, let the outline begin.

I. Apartment 1
A. Beautiful
B. Perfect
C. Green wall
D. 60 second walk from church building
E. Already reserved
F. Can’t have it
G. Aww, man…
II. Apartment 2
A. Huge
B. Very nice
C. In a complex of five apartments, all with French names/themes: funny
D. Only 2nd floor: disappointment
E. Okay, I’ll live here
F. Too late, it’s rented already
III. Apartment 3
A. Beautiful from the outside
B. Nothing special on the inside
C. Doesn’t have any closets/cabinets whatsoever: need to buy
D. Two full bedrooms then one awkward room that’s too small to be useful
E. No thanks
IV. Apartment 4
A. Ugly
B. Dirty
C. Can we get out of here asap?
V. Apartment 5
A. Great building
B. Giant hole in the wall
C. First floor, people driving can see straight in the windows
D. What a shame, it was promising
VI. Apartment 6
A. 8th floor: hooray!
B. Kind of far away from the church building
C. Too big for just me
D. Maybe we can find one like this, but closer?
VII. Apartment 7
A. Really far away
B. Great, but really far away
C. Ok, we’ll put a reservation on it.
D. But maybe we should still hold out for something better?
IIX. Apartment 8
A. Same building as Apartment 3, one floor higher
B. Same disappointment
C. Same tiny, awkward room
D. Okay, we’ll keep looking
IX. Apartment 9
A. 10th floor…it’s looking good
B. Furnished…with nice furniture
C. Perfect for me
D. Far away, but I could ride the bus to the church every day
E. I would have to ride the bus to the church every day…
F. Perfect for me. We’ll take it!
X. Paperwork
A. Begin process of paperwork for Apartment 9 the day after it is found
B. Wait…and wait…and wait for the accountant to call so we can begin paperwork
XI. Drama Begins
A. During wait for accountant, realtor from Apartment 1 calls
B. “The Most Wonderful Apartment In the World is available, it turns out” he says
1. WHAT???
2. Are you serious???
C. Call realtor from Apartment 9
1. “Sorry, we don’t want your apartment anymore, we found one even more perfect.”
2. “But thanks anyway.”
D. Begin paperwork on Dream Apartment
XII. One week later…
A. Dramatic ATM transactions
B. 3 days of paperwork
C. Keys in hand
XIII. Cris is a happy girl
A. Elated
B. Ecstatic
C. In shock
D. Apartment 1 is even more wonderful than she remembered
E. Her face hurts from smiling so much

Pictures coming soon...


ann said...

Nice. :) I might have to try this blogging style sometime.

Mark and Kelly said...

I. My current state
A. Happy for you
B. A bit jealous
C. And wondering...
II. The Office
B. No iTunes
C. But free on NBC website
III. On second thought
A. You've been busy
B. Stuff to move in
C. Probably taking lots of pictures
IV. For your site
A. Which is also free
B. Keep up the good work
C. Can't wait to see/hear more

Anonymous said...

Wish I could even think about writing like you do! A talent I admire. Looking forward to reading your blogs and keeping up with how you are doing.

Do I count as an Oklahoman team member?! :-)

Carol Bailey said...

Congrats Cris! What an exciting day for you. I remember Sarah's excitement with her first apartment. I love reading your blog.

Carol B