Wednesday, October 10, 2007

There are so many things to tell you, like how I can pay my bills at pharmacies, how I can leave my apartment, go to the bakery, and be home within 7 minutes, how Brazil has a holiday like every week, how people stop me in the grocery store to practice their English, how this morning as I was walking down the street I was applauded, how I love my readers so, so much, but this morning only one thing seems to really matter:

I am studying Portuguese from a grammar book intended for 10 year olds. How do I know this? Because it belonged to one of my friends. How old was she when she used it? 10. I should frame my ACU diploma and hang it on the wall, just to remind myself that in some country, with some language, I have a mental capacity higher than that of a 10 year old.


Mark and Kelly said...

If you're getting applauded in the grocery store, maybe you should put more clothes on;)

ann said...

Heehee, welcome to language learning abroad. Especially in Japan, I always felt like I had to somehow go the extra mile to prove I wasn't mentally delayed just because I spoke the language as though I was. Living abroad is humbling in many ways.