Monday, March 31, 2008


So I wasn't even there when this was said, but I laughed so hard when it was re-told to me that I figured you would do the same if I wrote it down. Tonight in my friend Sergio's English class at the church, he was teaching his students about phrases with "have"+verb (i.e. have been, have seen, have gone, etc.) One of his students, Andrea, who is also one of my readers, was having a particularly difficult class after a tiring day. From what I understand, she was to pick out words from a list to form a phrase that was supposed to end up as "How long have you had this jacket?" What Andrea came up with, poor thing, was nothing of the sort, and she actually gave herself more trouble than necessary by including words that were not even on the list.

Her end result?

How long have you been a jacket?

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Mark and Kelly said...

Sounds like a pickup line gone awry.