Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boa Pascua

Three posts in less than a week? I know, none of us can contain our excitement...

Just wanted to give you a reader update for the week, with a mix of a little comedy and a little inspiration. The following quote came from the mouth of a reader after I told him about the Jewells, the American missionary family who just arrived in Natal.

"So, are they like...high-level"

Ouch. At least we low-level missionaries can have entertaining blog entries.

The second came from a reader whom you have heard a lot about, I just never tell you his name so you probably didn't realize most of my stories are about the same guy. This came out of nowhere, as we were reading yesterday out of the Good News book (sidenote: the GN book is seriously great. Just wanted to point that out for those of you who understand LST lingo.)

"You know, Cris, some things in my life have been changing lately, I think because we have been studying these things. I have stopped blaming other people for problems in my life. I take more responsibility for me."

Hey, that's a start! I'll take it!

This same reader also gave me a chocolate Easter egg, the traditional, way overpriced Easter goody in Brasil. His is the black one on the right, and this is what's inside all the cellophane! Yum!!


Justin said...

I'm pretty that comment wins the "Backhanded Compliment of the Week" award.

Slightly off topic, but what, if anything, are people in Brazil saying about the U.S. Presidential election?

I'm not so vain as to think that the entire world is enthralled by the American political process, but I wondered if people mentioned to you, as a American.

Anonymous said...

is this reader the one in your Facebook message, the one i know?

Melanie said...

Have you finished all that chocolate yet?

Katie said...

miss you!!

Cris said...

Lacy: yes!
Melanie! no way!
Justin: US politics in Brazil post coming soon!