Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cross-cultural settings make for the best stories...

If you aren't in the habit of going back and reading the comments that are left on my posts (in other words, if I don't call you by the name "Mom"...) then you missed out on a great little story left by my sister. So great, in fact, that I felt it warranted a re-publishing on the main page of my blog.

"Our assistant case manager was talking to some Somali clients, and she said "Did you guys get any gifts for Christmas?" They couldn't understand what she was asking, so she rephrased and said "You know, presents. Did you get any presents?" They smiled and said "Oh yes. We are for Obama!"

(My sister works as a job-finder for refugees who have been re-settled in Oklahoma City. I don't mind using this space as a plug for her, not one bit, so if you happen to own your own business or know someone who is looking to hire you just let me know, ok?)

Thanks to all of you who have been commenting lately. It really boosts my spirit and makes me want to post more. (Really! Look at how often I've written in the last couple weeks!) Special thanks to Allison formerly Kelly, Lauren Jacoby, Jeff McMillon, Aunt Nette, sister Kelly, Melanie who posted under the name "Meanie" (good one, Fullerton,) Lacy, Lezlie Carter, Karin Bryan, Deborah Niccum, and all the rest of you. You make my life happier here.

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

We are Obama!

That's a great slogan. I love you-

Katie said...

hi. i just wrote on your facebook wall, but felt the need to comment here as well. i love your blog and you!!

Anonymous said...

Ya pretty sure I didn't realize I wrote meanie instead of Melanie. I'm really smart. I would like to say that I also am for Obama... sorry cris!