Sunday, January 27, 2008

Basic Pop Cultural Knowledge Needed, Pt. 2

If you didn't understand my Red Hot Chili Peppers story from a couple of posts ago because either a) you've never heard Brazilian pronunciation of English words or b) I misjudged the story as funny to all audiences, but was really a "you had to be there" moment, then maybe this next one will make a bit more sense.

The other day I was discussing movies around the dinner table with Roberto, Marisa, and Andressa. I asked Roberto, who doesn't speak English, if he had ever seen "Hitch." The following conversation ensued:

(all in Portuguese)
Me: Have you seen "Hitch"?
Roberto: "Hitch"? Hmm...
Me: ...with Will Smith?
Roberto: Will Smith?
Me: Yeah, Will Smith. (Not sure why he wasn't understanding, because we had just been talking about another Will Smith movie.)
Andressa: (who speaks perfectly fluent and perfectly pronounced English, decides to pipe up and translate for her poor dad) Dad, Weel Smeetch.
Roberto: Ohhhhh!!! WEEL SMEETCH!!

They've been getting onto me lately because I need to learn how to speak English "correctly." If correct English includes calling Will Smith Weel Smeetch, then by all means, let the games begin...

Signoretti family photo, with their "filha adotiva" (adopted daughter)
Me, Andressa, Marisa, and Roberto


Justin said...

I know Will Smeetch. He and I were in GSP together. What's that? Wrong guy? Okay. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Haha...those moments make those dear Brazilians even more wonderful.

Would you like some cakey with that cof?