Tuesday, April 23, 2013


On the first Saturday of each month, our church gathers for its monthly men's and women's Bible studies. The topics vary and the two groups do not necessarily study the same subject.

At the April gathering, the women studied a verse in Matthew, where, quoting the prophet Isaiah, Jesus says "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me." Matthew 15:8. We talked about how this might happen, why it happens, and how we can either avoid it happening to us, or fix the problem if it's already happened. 

The women were divided into groups and asked to "prescribe a medication" for this condition. We were asked to write up a package insert, that piece of paper that you get with your prescription medications that describes what the medicine is for, how it should be used, side effects, etc. 

The creativity of our sisters blew me away! We had several different medicine names, including Hypocrisene and Falsehoodenol. We were asked to specify the pharmacology, indications and usage, reactions, and dosage, all in order to cure the ailment of a heart that is far from God. 

When they were read aloud, so much laughter ensued! I grabbed one to share with you all because they were too creative not to share! 

If you are suffering from a heart that is far from God, I recommend the use of: 

Pharmacology: prayer, Bible study, practicing community, fasting, worship. 
Indications & usage: for treatment of the heart, people with little faith, those who are discouraged and feel far from God. 
Reactions: grow closer to God and Christian family, spiritual growth. 
Dosage: use daily for a 15 minute minimum, for maximum effect use in the morning before starting your day. 

Wasn't this a great idea?!


Lanita said...

Great idea! I'll have to file this one away to use myself. I love the creativity God gives his people!

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