Thursday, November 25, 2010


Before I resume my blog blitz on the aforementioned activities of the past few months, I feel it is necessary to stop on this day and tell you all (or most) the things for which I am thankful. Although it is not Thanksgiving in Brazil, it is Thanksgiving in my heart. So here are just a few things that make my heart cheerful today.
  • the turkey breast sandwich I ordered from Subway today and the little laugh I had with me and myself over my private nod to the holiday
  • the blessing of having friends who feel like family who, all on their own, offered to put together a Thanksgiving meal and invite me out for a Thanksgiving celebration because they knew today I might be missing home
  • having a roommate who makes this big apartment feel less lonely (also a future blog topic)
  • having a big, beautiful apartment in which I have enough room to host friends for Thanksgiving tonight and a wedding shower tomorrow
  • the fact that rice is included in every Brazilian meal, including our Thanksgiving meal tonight :)
  • the testimony I heard in one of my classes today of a woman who is so obviously filled with the Holy Spirit. I found out she spent 35 years of her life as a "priestess" in one of Brazil's most prominent pagan religions
  • the music at my gym that motivates me to work out with a little more vigor and laugh at how stupid and uncreative the lyrics are
  • the fact that I have motivation to work out daily at the gym...I mean seriously...who ever would have guessed THAT day would come?
  • a washing machine that makes me not to have to hand-wash my clothes
  • fans
  • my two big, beautiful jasmine trees. One is about to flower and I just can't wait!
  • the daytime doorman who works at my building. I have never seen a person so eager to take out the trash (Sorry, Dad. Carlinos has you beat, but not by much!)
  • my new purple-handled flatware. It was on sale, totally clashes with my home decor, but it makes me laugh nonetheless!
  • the fact that I will eat turkey tonight
  • the fact that I will actually put to use 5 pipecleaners I received at a conference in October at the wedding shower tomorrow
  • the Skype webcam chat I am about to have with my parents and extended family in Arkansas. It will be my grandpa's first time to Skype. Should be fun!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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brent said...

I am totally laughing at your turkey sandwich nod to the holiday. Also, things are getting all ready to freeze over here, which makes it seem crazy to me that you have trees about to flower. Ridiculous.