Monday, August 10, 2009

For those of you who are longtime readers of this blog, you may remember a post from about a year and half ago where I talked about the way Brazilians mispronounce English words yet continue to use them in everyday speech. My example at the time was about a conversation I had about "Weel Smeetch" (Will Smith) movies. I've had a great time telling that story over and over again, and the Brazilians really get a kick out of the fact that I think it's so weird.

Well, my friends, I have a new one. There is a certain home entertainment system that goes by its English name in this fine country. If you want one, you will have to go into a store and ask for a "homey cheech."

"What on earth is that?" you ask?

To which I say "It's in English, how do you not know?" Except I don't say that. Because I was just as puzzled as you are.

A homey cheech. Known by the common man as a home theater. And yes, if I were to walk into a store and ask for a home theater I would be received with blank stares (and probably a few salesman running in the other direction...although that tends to happen to me before I even open my mouth...they can just SENSE that what I say will be scary.) But if I walk into a store and ask for a "homey cheech," they will direct me to the area of the store over which there will probably be a sign that reads "Home Theater."

Really, you should come visit. Life in Brazil is never dull.


Cyndi said...

Priceless! I can barely type through my tears of laughter. I can just hear Roberto saying that one!

Kizer said...

Hey Cris I'm doing the AIM thing right now and we have a guy named Marcus Sobral. He said he knew you. Awesomeness & good times. Love and prayin for ya.

Lacy Almeda Hefley said...

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I was just telling my roommate that story! She thought it was hilarious too. Oh, Brazil. Good times.

T. Barbalho said...

So cris.. you have a lot of things to learn about english on Brazil eheheh
oh.. how i miss you so much =(