Friday, June 19, 2009


For us in Natal, this time of year is heavily associated with chaos. While you northern hemispherers are getting into the groove of summer, with air conditioners turned on high and sunscreen slathered on, we southern hemispherers are...well...turning the air conditioners on high and slathering on the sunscreen, as well. Hmmm.

This time of year gets really busy for us, especially for me, because of all the LST activity at the church building. This year I must have decided that last year got a bit too boring because I gave myself an extra challenge and moved, purchased a car, and welcomed the first LST team of the season all within a week of each other, not to mention the bonus round of learning to drive the very car I purchased after purchasing it. Since pictures are way more fun to look at than reading what I have to say, here is a photo journal of the past month. Enjoy!

Cris moves from previous, inferno-esque apartment with a matchbox vibe to new paradise-esque abode with a chique accent wall. Living room of new apartment is size of entire former apartment. Cris wakes up with a smile every single day knowing that she is paying less in rent to live in a place triple the size, quadruple the air flow, and infinity times more pleasant with respect to neighbor friendliness. Only things she misses are the nice doormen from previous building. She gets over that small detail quickly.

Comunidade de Cristo hosts two weeks in a row of English worship services. JB, oldest son of well-known former Brazilian missionary family, leads the service and teaches two excellent lessons on love. Draws quite a crowd. Cris is thrilled.

Cris purchases a 2010 Chevrolet Prisma and names her Black Betty in English and Talissa in Portuguese. Neither name has anything to do with the other. Cris is too lazy to rotate the photo, but knows her readers will get an accurate idea of how cute Talissa is. Cris begins to put on a few extra pounds and fade a few shades lighter due to the lack of exercise and sun exposure that come with private transportation.

One day before car purchase, an LST team from Park Plaza church of Christ in Tulsa, OK arrives to spend one month in Natal. Cris is sure they are the most organized team in the history of LST and makes a mental note to always request teams made up of school teachers in the future. She is impressed with their quick adaptation to and flexibility with life in Natal. Said team makes BFF with Brazilian missionaries, despite a rather large language barrier. Team does not care and continues to force missionaries to speak English anyway. Lots of comedy ensues.

LSTPP team hosts first party on a holiday. Cris warns team that there will probably be an extremely low turnout and to not be discouraged, Brazilians just love their holidays. Cris is completely wrong and the party has the best turnout in recent years at an LST Natal party, with 20 church members and 45 visitors present. BUNKO is a raging success. Missionaries scheme as to how they can always hold parties on holidays in the future.

So there you have it, my last month in pictures. Tomorrow is a big day, as we are going to have to say goodbye to Lacy, my roommate and co-LST intern for the past year. She has done a fantastic job in Natal and has been a shining light for Christ. We are going to miss her, and she is going to leave a giant gaping hole in our CDC family (not to mention my apartment.)

Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your support. It's easier to get through the chaos and changes knowing that we have people praying for us and cheering us on!

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