Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I enjoyed blogging so much last night that I decided to return today with an illustrative post.

This was my birthday celebration in Oklahoma before I came back to Natal. There are many reasons why I love this picture. #1, I am wearing a t-shirt. I don't wear t-shirts in Natal, it's too hot. #2, I am with my parents. My parents were funny on this day. Very very funny... #3, I have in front of me a plain cheesecake with freshly-made strawberry sauce on top. One of the best birthday cakes I've ever had, and I'm not even a big fan of cheesecake. I just had a hankerin' and Cheesecake Factory had the product. And Mom had the strawberries. YUM!

I took this photo sometime last week from my apartment. I'm excited about moving, but I'm going to miss the 8th-story sunset view. However, I'm sure I will grow to love the breeze even more and quickly forget about the sunset. Or I can just look at this picture.

This was at the church's Mother's Day tea the Saturday before Mother's Day. It was a beautiful event and we had a great turnout. My job was to take photos of each mom and her kids when they walked in the door. Here's Marisa and her children. :)

The rest are pictures from my actual birthday. Some of my friends planned for us to go out for pizza at my favorite pizza place. The pizza on that particular night was extremely disappointing, but I had eaten Mexican food at lunch so I didn't leave too hungry...

This is the prettiest candid photo I have ever taken. Which is why I really hate candid photos. If I ever see a camera pointed at me to take a candid photo, I try to pose and smile. If this is the sure don't want to see the worst... (I'm eating a slice of chocolate pizza, by the way.)

In these photos you will notice how long my hair is. I finally went yesterday to get a few inches cut off and made the terrible mistake of NOT telling the stylist to NOT cut it in the shape of a V. Some of you may remember the U-haircut. Let me tell you, my friends. It's a very pretty V, but still a V. I learned my lesson and will not be so negligent in the future. Cris-0, Alphabetical haircuts-2.


Melanie said...

I love the candid shot! I died laughing. I feel the same way about candid photos.

Unknown said...

Did the chocolate pizza have cheese on it? I have most disgusting pizza one in Brazil which had chocolate(I love chocolate) and cheese. I have now found one thing that does not go with chocolate. It was disgusting and oh so disappointing since I love chocolate pizza!

I am glad you are back in Brazil. Continue doing great work! I look forward to your blog posts.