Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costume Party

For nothing more than a lack of desire to blog, I encourage you to go here, here, or here to read about what happens when you throw a costume party and tell Brazilians to get creative, and here to see my photo documentation of it all.

In other news, if you ever need to see an ophthalmologist in Brazil and you wear contact lenses, make sure to take out your lenses 24 hours before your appointment. Otherwise, you will go, get embarrassed when the receptionist loudly proclaims to the waiting room that you did not, in fact, follow this protocol, and then have to go back the next day after 24 hours of not wearing your contacts. Not that I'm speaking from experience of anything...

Happy November!

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TJ said...

Hi there,

I've just stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for missionary info on Natal and the North East Region.

My wife and I are hoping to go through Bible college and go out as missionaries to this region and would love to get in touch with you to learn more.