Monday, September 15, 2008

More Good News

Remember Francisco? This guy? I told you about him about a month ago. He walked in to the church building off the street one day when he saw the sign for Let's Start Talking. He began to study with my dad, then he began a Bible study in Portuguese with one of the missionaries, then he was baptized. He has had a rough life and although it's getting better, there's still a long road ahead.

However, part of that "getting better" is what I'm here to tell you about today. The day after Francisco's baptism, he went to tell his friend, Geraldo. Geraldo has been a friend to Francisco when no one else would, often times taking him into his home to give him a roof to sleep under and food to eat. He has let Francisco work with him, selling peanuts on the street, to make a decent living. Francisco couldn't contain his joy following his own baptism and wanted to share it with the one person that had always been there for him. Geraldo began studying the Bible with John and was baptized last night! His whole family was there, including his wife and five or six kids (I haven't been able to get an accurate count...they're pretty active and look very similar.) He is excited about his new life and we pray that as he continues to grow he follows Francisco's example and shares the Gospel with those around him!

John baptizing Geraldo

Up out of the water

Francisco serving communion to Geraldo after his baptism. :)


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I cried when I read this story in your blog, it's been so long that we, Comunidade de Cristo, hadn't have any adult, meanly being men, being baptized, and this story is just amazing. Thank you Chris for sharing it with us. It's been so fun to read yours and Lacy's blogs. It makes me miss Comunidade de Cristo much much more!! Each day I am struggling to survive without you guys. Keep it up the good work!

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What an incredible story! Thank you for sharing this with us.