Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just your ordinary Tuesday

Today I experienced two tragedies, and when I say tragedies please take that with a sense of humor and a grain of salt. I know that the following stories are not, in fact, tragedies, so before you judge please realize this is another one of my playful storytellings and that my sense of good and bad is not warped. There are actually a few tragedies that have occurred in the lives of my friends and peers lately, and so I have by no means lost my sense of reality. That being said, here we go.

Tragedy #1: I came home for lunch today, a mere hour and a half after I had left my apartment in the morning, and immediately took a freezing cold shower. That's how hot it was. Someone told me that starting in March I would begin to notice a difference in the weather. I have noticed a difference, and that difference is that it rains a lot. The rain always cools things down...but I think the Devil must send the rain because it sure is deceiving. It makes you think things are finally starting to cool off, but once it's gone BAM! It's hotter and humid-er than it was in January. In the 7 months (yep, 7!) I have lived here, I have never, ever felt the need to shower at lunch. Today it was not a choice, it was a necessity. How tragic.

Tragedy #2: During this said lunch I bought a rotisserie chicken from the nice man who makes them on the street. (Yes, it's clean.) It is so good and so wonderfully seasoned and so reasonably priced and so HOT that I have begun to buy one about once a week. I came home and made some delicious side dishes for myself and sat down to eat. As I went back for seconds and pulled another piece out of the sack, I suddenly got all sicked out that I was eating a dead animal, and an animal whose life had been sacrificed for my dining pleasure at that. WHAT? In my almost 23 years of existence never once have I been affected by the plight of chickens being killed on my behalf. Don't you worry, I still ate it, but I really hope I'm not involuntarily turning vegetarian, because I believe the vegetarian life is no life at all. This, my friends, is tragic.

In addition to my recent tragedies, things have been absolutely nuts around here as of late. This is my totally valid excuse for not blogging in a while. My next post, which may come later tonight, will be titled "American Invasion," because that's how it has felt around here lately, and I can't say I've actually enjoyed it all that much. Perhaps instead of turning vegetarian I am just turning into a bona fide Brasileira (I am showering multiple times a day...).

I also have plans to give you a detailed work update, because last week was possibly the single best week, work and reading session-wise, that I have had in the 7 months I have been here. Although I tell you more about excessive showering and turning vegetarian, in between all those stories I am spending 8+ hours a day at the church, engaging in my English conversation work and church activities, and God is blessing it abudantly.Thank you for checking in with me, and thank you for your prayers, comments, and encouragement. Trust me, you are making a bigger difference in Natal than you could ever imagine! Check back in the next few days for all the other news I have to share!


Anonymous said...

i want some of that chicken

Deanna said...

ha! i have those thoughts a lot so you should not talk to me. i could tell you things about the food you eat that would really make you feel bad for the animals. but i just think God made animals for us to eat and they are so yummy!

Mark and Kelly said...

If you turned vegetarian, I would think that was cool. Assuming you would suspend your convictions in order to eat churrasco.

Katie said...

time for an update. love and miss you!!

Unknown said...

Hi how have you been? I was reading your blog and it is really interesting to know what Americans think about Brazil. Im from Brazil - Sao Paulo but I've been living in Boston now. I got here on July 2007 and so far so good. I just miss Brazil weather hahaha. Here is so cold to me, finally this snow is gone! Have fun in Brazil!