Friday, February 8, 2008

Spilt Milk Update (no crying involved)

Just a little update for all of you who were captivated by my spilled milk story. Last night when I came home to an apartment that had been closed up all day (in intense heat,) I was greeted by the most rank smell ever. My first thought (seriously) was that somewhere underneath my couches was a little family of dead lizards. (Do lizards even smell when they're dead? Something makes me think no...) As I am absolutely terrified of lizards within the home, I really did wonder how I would manage to get these lizards out. I didn't want to open the balcony doors to let fresh air in because I didn't want any more lizards. The stress and fear were too much for me, so I came into my "office" and just played on the internet to forget about it for a while. After I successfully forgot about it, I went back into the living room and was once again greeted by the rank. I decided to do a little bit of investigating, and realized that when I had "cleaned" up the milk from earlier that day, there were a few key spots of brown splatter that I seemed to miss, not to mention what is probably under the refrigerator that I didn't see. Turns out puddles of boxed (read: processed to last like three years without refrigeration) milk left unattended in hot apartments all day smell like dead lizards. Or something like that. Guess I'll be cleaning today...

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