Sunday, November 25, 2007


Last night I carried home 28 blessings in my purse. On any other day of the year, I could guarantee you that by "blessings" I meant "Reais," (Brasilian currency) but last night they actually were real blessings, written on pieces of paper by my readers and friends.

Our Thanksgiving "party" was a huge success. (FYI, the reason I keep putting "party" in quotes is because I tried really hard to call it a Thanksgiving Feast. But, in sticking to their true nature in which every occasion is an occasion for a party, the Brasilians morphed the name slowly into Thanksgiving Party and so with reluctance I succumbed. But seriously...they love to party.) About 15 readers showed up (of the 20 who said they would...that's a great turnout!) and all of them contributed something to the feast, whether it was drinks, napkins, homemade desserts, and even homemade Farofa!! In addition to my readers, a few of the church members and a couple special American guests helped make the party a delight. The food was incredible and everyone was returning to the table to get seconds and thirds while truly enjoying themselves.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I was actually really bummed out about missing out on Thanksgiving with my family this year. On Thursday I kept trying to get emotional about it, but it just wasn't working when the temperature outside was upwards of 90 degrees. :) Anyway, it was a blessing to get to expose my Brasilian friends to the holiday and to the idea of setting aside a full day of the year to be thankful.

I wanted to share with you some of the blessings that the party goers hung on the blessings tree.( If one of you is reading this and this is yours, don't be embarrassed, I have no idea who wrote them.)
-Pela minha family I am agradesso very much, much. (For my family I am very thankful.)
-I am thankful for the breeze.
-I'm really thankful for have a really special friend by my side ALWAYS!

-Thanks God for get a job.
-Health, job, family.
-For my life, my family in Christ, and for all the blessings. :)

-My parents, my friends, and to have a chance to change.
-Love and peace in the world.
-Thanks God for my sons.

-Thanks God for I get buy my car.
-I thank for Cris's life.
(Ok, I really liked that one!)
-Thanks God for the health and for my family stay united.

Sergio, the true party planner, and I in front of the blessings tree

What Brazilian Thanksgiving would be complete without a GIANT pot of rice and beans?! You also see there homemade rolls, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, farofa, batat palha, and turkey. MMMMMMMM!!!

One of the was amaaaaaazing!

Half of the long feast table, waiting on dessert!

Marta, Osmildo, Andressa, Roberto, and Catherine enjoying the feast. This was the Bragas' first Thanksgiving experience, and Catherine told me about four times "Cris....I LOVE Thanksgiving!!"

Special thanks this time around to Marisa, Marta, and Sergio for doing the cooking and helping me with the planning. Seriously, this party would have been no party at all without them! Just another reminder to me of God's faithfulness!

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