Monday, July 9, 2007

Welcome to my Brazil blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I leave for Natal on September 3, so my time in the States is getting shorter and shorter. I will be using this blog to keep my friends, family, and supporters updated on the work in Natal, hopefully with lots of pictures and fun stories.

For now I will leave you with some pictures from our LST team in Natal last summer. Enjoy!

Our LST team with the missionaries in Natal, the Braga family and the Signoretti family.

(L-R): Catherine Braga, me, Marisa Signoretti, Jeff, Andressa Signoretti, Roberto Signoretti, Ragan, Marta Braga
(Floor L-R): Jonathan Braga, Osmildo Braga

World Cup party with the church members during the Japan-Brazil game. At the point the picture was taken Brazil had made their comeback, but only after Japan gave all of us a scare by scoring the first goal!

Two of my dearest Brazilian friends, Michelle and Patricia, at our goodbye party. I absolutely cannot wait to meet up with them again and resume our friendships.

My buddy, Irvaine. No words are necessary for how excited I am to see this guy again...

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Carol Bailey said...


I am so excited for you! Now I will have 3 "children" across the "pond," as one former missionary calls it. I will be following your blog and am anxious to see how this next phase of your life unfolds.

As always, God's blessings be with you.