Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well this is embarrassing...

I came here today to see how long it had been since my last post. I was very ashamed to find a thin, blue "September 21" staring right back at me, and even more embarrassed that that post wasn't even legit, since I was sharing someone else's blog with you. I had some pretty great intentions to resume my regular blogging, especially after my 3-year anniversary, but apparently good intentions don't get me very far. Does anyone even read this blog anymore?

Coming out of LST season is like crashing after a sugar high. For two packed months I was going going going and then suddenly...I was going, resting, going some more, and then resting a little longer, and then thinking about going, and then definitely resting. The pace of my everyday life has definitely changed, but it has not been unexciting!

In order to not write one huge post that people might not even read, I am going to prepare several posts to publish throughout the next days/weeks for you to get caught up on what's happened since July. As a reminder to myself, and so that you can hold me accountable, there will be posts about the following things:
  • my first non-family visitor
  • Brazilian elections
  • Children's Day
  • my trip to Sao Paulo for the Continent Care Connection
  • my group classes
  • the continuation of the church's remodeling process (tentative)
You can be honest...I know you're excited. On Tuesday I'm going to Recife and won't be back until Sunday, so if you are actually interested in holding me accountable, please refrain from doing so until next week. I am going to Recife for an intensive Portuguese Bible study, and also to see if once and for all I can call a truce with that city. My guess is no, but I hope to at least get some good Bible-studying out of it. :)


Jamie S said...

I'm reading!! I check on your blog every day or so. So keep writing! And I expect to see some great photos from CCC.

Lezlie said...

I read your blog too! I just get kind of behind, so I played catch up on all my blogs today at lunch. I would hold you accountable for writing all of those new posts, but you already posted the one I'm most interested in (about ME!) - so whatever makes you happy :)